Vintage Racing Videos

We love to watch vintage race footage! (“Vintage”: Any race that’s been recorded on VHS tape or previous formats.) This video is from the Jeff Hapala home video collection. It features racing from the Red River Valley Speedway in West Fargo, ND around the 1970 racing season. It was originally shot on 8mm film.

Vintage Racing – Red River Valley Speedway – West Fargo, ND (1970?) from The Racing Life on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Vintage Racing Videos

  1. Remembering..... says:

    The number 2, blue sprint car sponsored by City Cab, was that driven by Dave Skari? Anyone know?

  2. Damon Grosz says:

    I remember watching Dave Skari race at RRV Fairgrounds as a kid in the 70’s. i was at the race when he was killed. My dad and uncle, Delon Grosz and Leroy Grosz both raced with him and also with Don Mack, Doug Wolfgang, Danny Schatz, Hank Albers, Gordy Lamb, and a host of oters. It is good to see somene has some old potosaf that era. I have some old programs from the old RRV Speedway with autographs and pictures and an old Dave Skari memorial program.